Designing A Solution

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The process for designing a solution when a client comes to us with a problem is not one size fits all.  There are several steps and evaluations that need to be made to come up with a clear scope of work to properly set expectations for both what you expect from us and what we expect from you.  This understanding of expectations is the cornerstone of the solid relationships we have built with our clients in the past.


This is the most important part of the process.  First we will investigate the problem you are bringing to us and the environment in which that problem exists.  It doesn’t make sense to design an elaborate web app or mobile application for a product that needs a good looking 1 page site with information for the customer to call.  Removing as many barriers as possible from getting your customers to say yes (whether that is making a purchase online or picking up the phone and calling you) is always on our mind.  We begin the process by analyzing how your industry currently operates, what customers are expecting when they are looking for your product/service, and then begin brainstorming ways to improve it without causing shock to your leads.  The final part of our research is going to be focused on the size of problem.  Are we building a solution that can be easily extended to other markets like a franchise where new sites for each franchise can be deployed automatically?  Or are we building a sales page for a local pool cleaning company with 2 trucks?  The current and potential future size of the solution can make big changes in both how we try to solve the problem and with what tools we recommend using.

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Design and Budget

After collecting as much information as necessary our team will draw up some solutions to your problems.  Depending on what we find out we can put together any number of plans that include static websites, web apps, mobile applications, and much more.  We know that budgetary concerns are very real and don’t want to make promises we can’t deliver or price you out of what you want.  For example, if you came to us with an idea for a web application with 5 main functions we might be able to break down the building of that project to a minimum viable product or MVP (the absolute core functions necessary to go to market) and create quotes for other variations ranging from that MVP to the fully featured idea you came with to come up with a result that you are happy with regarding both the product and the price.  Financing is almost always an option either in the form of borrowing money or putting together a payment plan.  If you have a good credit history then you will likely be eligible for a payment plan.  Any payment accommodations will be spelled out in your proposal.